Our Community has established a partnership with Applied, to bring groundbreaking software to enable not-for-profit organisations to undertake de-biased hiring.

Applied is the essential platform for de-biased hiring. By anonymising applications, leveraging a skills-based methodology, and building transparency and analytics into every step of the process, the platform identifies vital talent that would have otherwise been missed.

When organisations alter the way they hire, they not only discover the very best candidates, they help usher in a world where everyone feels a sense of inclusion, equity, and belonging.

Despite our best intentions, humans are less-than-perfect at making decisions. Studies show that the tools we have traditionally used to aid our decision-making - like resumes, unstructured interviews, and network connections - exacerbate unconscious biases.

The Applied software removes these flawed signifiers and focuses on a data-driven approach. The all-in-one system allows you to manage and compare candidates, send interview invites, build questions through an efficient guided process, run the interview and score them as well as make the hire without ever leaving the app.

Teams using Applied have seen:

  • Up to 4x attraction and selection of ethnically diverse candidates
  • Up to 3x reduction in the number of interviews
  • 96% retention rate after one year
  • 9/10 average candidate experience rating
  • 66% reduction in time spent hiring

Candidates love the Applied process, as they see how we're using data science to level the playing field, giving them the confidence to showcase their true potential.

Employers see how we turn their hiring teams into heroes by equipping them with the tools they need to make smarter, faster, more impactful decisions.

Take the first step and become a leader who hires ethically, empirically, and efficiently.

To find out more about Applied, you can book a demo with one of their team or drop them an email if you have any questions.