The Good Life Farm

Role: General Board Member Type: Not-for-Profit & Community Organisations Location: Alpine Shire Council, Victoria
Human Services Education
Annual Budget: $250,001-$750,000
Number of Paid Staff: 4 - 10
Number of Volunteers: 6-20
Current Board Size: 4-7
Board Meetings (frequency): Every two months
Board Meetings Held: At Night

Area of Expertise Being Sought:
Advocacy, Business, Community Specialist, Fundraising, Investment, Law & Legal Services, Marketing & Communications


Payment: Nil - honorary role

Any further information about this vacancy:

At the Good Life Farm we have witnessed the profound impact of animal based therapy with traumatised young people. Can you help to make this work even better - as a director or project leader?

The Good Life Farm is looking for new directors and project leaders to help us grow into a viable and sustainable organisation so we can help many more young people lead dignified, fulfilling lives.

We’re looking for people who are prepared to ‘roll up their sleeves’ in the following areas:

  1. Communications. In particular preparing content for social media posts, website, email campaigns and for blogs and staying in touch with social conversations, etc. This includes writing and/or video capability.
  2. Design. In particular visual branding.
  3. Fundraising. Join one of the following teams:
    1. A corporate partnership team to develop contacts with businesses in our region.
    2. A team to identify potential partners, sponsors and contacts in wealth, property, big business, philanthropy, etc
    3. Savvy grant writers to support the philanthropic grants team and make personal contact with trusts and foundations, etc
    4. A crowdfunding, campaigns and events team
  4. Legal.
  5. Psychology and/ or social services

If you have none of the above skills in your CV, don’t be deterred, we put teams together and we learn together. The key is your commitment to taking action.

Desirable Skills and Experience

  • Some knowledge of NFP governance
  • A desire to assist a unique NFP working with youth at risk
  • Ability to self-manage a campaign, make decisions and initiate activity
  • Good presentation and listening skills. High emotional intelligence.
  • Ability and willingness to collaborate in a team environment.
  • An ability to engage with senior decision-makers.

Organisation Overview

The Good Life Farm (Good Life Farm) founded in 2005, provides animal based therapy and education programs for vulnerable ‘at risk’ 7-17 year olds. Many of our disadvantaged young people have experienced severe abuse and/or neglect. Many have critical behavioural and socialisation problems that have resulted in disengagement from the mainstream education system and from community participation. More than 80% have mental health concerns that can transmute into unacceptable social behaviours. The Good Life Farm is often the last resort to provide these young people with positive living and learning experience. The Good Life Farm aims to create a safe and consistent environment with positive role models and access to support services, building a young person’s sense of self and learning new ways of trusting and relating to others and in doing so enabling them to participate in mainstream education and social networks.

Interested? Please send your application, detailing why you’re interested to the Good Life Farm and the level of capacity you have to commit time eg 5 hours a week, to: Richard Meredith, Chairman. or call to discuss these roles on 0438 553 052.

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