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Doncare (Doncaster Community Care & Counselling Centre)

About Us

Doncare is an independant community agency providing information, services and support to families, the aged, youth and disadvantaged in the City of Manningham and surrounds. Since its inception in 1969, Doncare – Doncaster Community Care and Counselling Centre – has provided support to enhance the quality of life of people who live in Manningham.  Our main services include:

  • Information and Crisis Support
  • Counselling
  • Family Services
  • Domestic Violence Advocacy and Support
  • Social Support
  • Opportunity Shops


Our Mission

We aspire to working within a community where all those in need are offered a helping hand to overcome adversity whilst retaining their dignity. 

We recognise the diversity of our community needs and offer practical help across all life stages, through our dedicated team of volunteers and staff.

We are committed to securing long term funding for the ongoing delivery of programs.

We encourage local people to take pride in Doncare as their source of community support and to share our passion for ‘strengthening the local community' through helping others overcome adversity.