Aussie Farmers Foundation

About Us

Aussie Farmers Foundation was formed in 2010 and since then we have given over $1 million in grants to rural and regional communities in need. We strongly believe in assisting charitable organisations who are working alongside local communities to boost their strengths, plus, where there are gaps, look at ways to make a difference to the health and wellbeing of rural and regional communities.

Examples of these gaps include – lack of health services, social isolation, unemployed youth, mental health problems, agricultural issues as well as businesses moving offshore or closing down.

 The Foundation’s focus areas are determined based on the current issues impacting rural and regional Australia. This includes these five key areas:

  • Economic wellbeing of farms and farming families
  • Disaster relief for farming communities including drought
  • Kids health & healthy eating including food provenance awareness
  • Food waste and food security
  • Mental health for farming communities.

Our Mission

Aussie Farmers Foundation aims to partner with best practice organisations around Australia who are delivering services in rural and regional Australian farming communities where there has been an identified need of assistance.

We are interested in community-focused activities which will make a real and measureable improvement to rural and regional communities, activities which are based on consultation or input from the community.

The Foundation's granting is characterised by:

  • a focus on innovation
  • an interest in leverage
  • provisioning of benefits for disadvantaged Australian farming families and their communities
  • a focus on issues particular to Australian farming communities
  • a focus on programs and services that target imbalances in those communities, specifically in comparison to urban communities.
  • an interest in projects which contribute to social and community welfa