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Seven rules for work-life balance
The Good Jobs Team, 16 Jan 2017

These tips will help you navigate the challenges of work-life balance.

It's the organisation that's not-for-profit. Not you.
The Good Jobs Team, 05 Dec 2016

It shouldn't come as news to you that by choosing to work for a not-for-profit, you're ruling out the million-dollar end-of-year bonus. But you still want to work in an efficient organisation that is prepared to pay what it costs to d...

How many teeth does your gift horse have?
The Good Jobs Team, 22 Nov 2016

You have the qualifications, you shone at the interview, you get the call. You're hired! Mission accomplished. Not so fast - you've got to negotiate your salary.

Where will I be in five years? Somewhere else.
The Good Jobs Team, 22 Nov 2016

An astoundingly large number of interviews still feature the question "Where do you see yourself in five years?" How can they keep rolling out that old cliché? You'd think it'd be a relic of the last millennium. But then, it was never a...

It's the mission, stupid!
The Good Jobs Team, 18 Nov 2016

Not-for-profit organisations live or die by their specific mission. If you want to work for one, get up to speed on what's driving it.

Secrets of successful teams: psychological safety
The Good Jobs Team, 17 Oct 2016

A look into what Google's research taught us about why some teams flourish while others waver.

What to expect in a not-for-profit job
The Good Jobs Team, 07 Oct 2016

The not-for-profit sector offers employees the opportunity to abandon the pursuit of profit and work for the common good. But it's not all cat videos and rainbows.

Achieving a meaningful career in the not-for-profit sector
The Good Jobs Team, 22 Aug 2016

How many of us find happiness in our jobs? How many of us just endure them? The secrets of job satisfaction aren't taught in schools.

Better the devil you know: Advertising jobs internally
The Good Jobs Team, 08 Jun 2016

Weighing up the pros and cons of advertising a role internally.

I wish I'd taken more work home
The Good Jobs Team, 08 Jun 2016

Bugger what makes you happy. It's a little more complicated than that.