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Polio NSW Inc

About Us

All persons 16 years of age or older who have had polio are eligible to join as Full Members. All other people, and organisations, are eligible to join as Associate Members. All members have voting rights. Membership fees: $5 initial joining fee, $10 subscription per year if not employed, $20 subscription per year if employed.

Our Mission

The Post-Polio Network (NSW) Inc was established in 1989 with the aims of providing information on the late effects of polio and its management to polio survivors, their families, healthcare providers and the community; setting up support groups throughout NSW and ACT for polio survivors; raising awareness within the healthcare system, government and the wider community about issues affecting polio survivors; encouraging research into the late effects of polio.

The Network is a self-help, self-funded, membership-based, organisation run by volunteers with a polio history.