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Animal Welfare League Australia Ltd

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About Us

Animal Welfare League Australia (AWLA)

AWLA is the national representative body of six animal welfare charities (the members) who care for more than 55,000 companion animals across Australia every year.

AWLA formed in 2007, when the Animal Welfare Leagues of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland united to become Animal Welfare League Australia. Dogs’ Homes of Tasmania joined AWLA in 2010 and SAFE Inc. in Western Australia joined in 2014.

AWLA is funded by its members and donations. It does not receive government funding for its charitable work.

AWLA is the sole member of AWLA Group Ltd, the corporate trustee of the Animal Welfare League Foundation (AWLF).

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Our Mission

To create, uphold and encourage the highest standards of health, care and welfare for pets in our community.

We do this by:

  • promoting the human-animal bond and responsible pet ownership through national campaigns, partnerships and initiatives.
  • supporting our members to operate at the highest possible standards.
  • collaborating between our members to identify and communicate best welfare practice.