AGECOM Enterprises Limited

About Us

AGECOM Enterprises Ltd was set-up in 2009 with a view to establishing a Community Bank Branch in the local region.  Since opening our doors in 2010, Aspendale-Gardens Edithvale Community Bank has continued to grow and develop its business throughout the community.


Our Mission

As you may know, a Community Bank branch is a locally owned and operated company, which functions as a franchise of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.  The Bank provides the coverage of its banking licence, a full range of banking products, training of staff and ongoing support.  The local community company is responsible for paying branch running costs, and the Bank and the community company are each entitled to agreed portions of the revenue of the local Community Bank branch.

As a Community Bank, we have been active in supporting local projects and initiatives and are proud to have contributed over $235,000 (to end 2019) to a range of not for profit groups, community groups, community organisations and sporting clubs within the community in the years since commencing operation.