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Job interviews: 21 things not to do in the waiting room

Job interviews: 21 things not to do in the waiting room

By The Good Jobs Team, 10 Apr 2017

Interview tips

  1. Whistle a tune.
  2. Eat a sandwich.
  3. Talk animatedly under your breath while staring at the other candidates.
  4. Cross your legs to reveal mismatched socks.
  5. Ring your bookmaker.
  6. Hug your teddy bear.
  7. Spit.
  8. Smoke.
  9. Wear headphones.
  10. Cry.
  11. Sketch the receptionist's torso on your iPad.
  12. Nap.
  13. Pace up and down the corridor.
  14. Play MMPORGs on your phone.
  15. Giggle.
  16. Scratch.
  17. Bounce around on your feet giving little boxing jabs in the air.
  18. Read Spiderman comics.
  19. Read Guns & Ammo magazine.
  20. Pick your teeth.
  21. Pick your nose.

Work on the assumption that the interviewer is going to walk into the room at exactly the moment you would prefer them not to. It's a dog-and-pony show, and the judges haven't been around yet. They may not even notice - probably won't - but it'll throw you off your game anyway.

Arrive about 10 minutes before the set time, announce your arrival to the receptionist, and then settle back and perform your entirely internal de-stressing exercises (no yoga). Don't try to read the documentation again: it's too late for that. Don't go over your lines in your mind: it's too early for that. Don't worry - be happy. It'll help you to be charming.