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Hesta is the fund for people like you. People who provide the best health and community services in the world.

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Joining HESTA? Great call

This decision will help shape your future for the better. All it takes is a spare minute or two.

Simplify your Super

Are you one of the six million Aussies that has more than one super account? If so, that's six million of you paying at least double the fees that you need to (plus six million extra usernames and passwords).

Stay with HESTA, wherever you go

When you're starting a new job, staying with HESTA is simple.

For Employers

Paying super

Get the seven tips for paying super in our Paying Super booklet.

Your default fund

Choosing a default fund for your employees is a big decision. We get it. If you're in health and community services, choosing HESTA as your organisation's default super could make a big difference to your employees' financial future. Call us to discuss the benefits and register your organisation.